Oral Test Guide

How to book the Speaking test? 

The speaking test panel is available for candidates on their dashboard 46 to 14 days before the written test to book the time they plan to take the test. In case, a candidate cannot book the speaking time during the time mentioned above, the Institute will arrange the time and inform the candidate.

Changes in speaking time

There is no possibility of changing the speaking test time allocated to candidates. If a candidate fails to attend the test, he / she is required to provide the institute with the related documents such as medical records and send them to ielts@irsafam.com. Please notice that candidates are to pay for any changes in the speaking time. 

Information on the test day.

Those candidates who manage to register two weeks prior to the test will be informed about their speaking test time via the message 12 days before the test. In case, a candidate receives no message, he/she is required to inform the institute through email at: IELTS@IRSAFAM.COM.

Essential documents for speaking test
 Candidates are required to carry their original passports; Candidates liable for military service are obliged to have National ID and the letter stating that they are fulfilling their duty toward military or they are receiving education.

Speaking test information 

1. Candidates are required to reach the venue 20 minutes earlier.

2. By the law, candidates are required to deliver all their belongings to an official staff before the test. Once they are done with the test they will have their belongings back. 

3. Candidates are not allowed to carry any digital devices (Chronometer, recording devices, Mobile phones, and pagers) in case of observation; legal action will be taken accordingly.

4. Candidates are not allowed to wear any digital or analog watches.