Written Test Guide

Identification documents

Candidates are obliged to have their original passports; on the test day.



 1. The venue welcomes candidates at 7: 30 AM, so candidates are required to reach there before 8 Am to have their check-in process done.

 2.Candidates who fail to reach the venue before 8: 30 Am will not be allowed to enter for discipline and security reasons. Please bear in mind that there will be no possibility  to enter the venue after 8:30.

Toilet break:

Candidates are only allowed to have toilet breaks:

During reading (5 minutes after the reading starts until 10 minutes before it ends).

During writing (5 minutes after the writing starts until 10 minutes before it ends).

Candidates are strongly suggested to use the toilet before entering the main test room.


The test duration: (listening, reading and writing)

The listening section takes approximately 40 minutes, reading and writing are each allocated 60 minutes.

Candidates are required to take the desk label at the end of the tests. They need to keep it to have their TRF delivered.

To facilitate the check-in process, candidates are requested not to bring unnecessary belongings.